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It’s an oil from Australia that is named after the emu bird, because the oil is derived from the emu bird fat. It is rich in oleic acid, palmitic acids, linoleic acids and antixodiants.
Benefits for Skin & Hair:
For skin:
1. Improves skin hydration and prevents moisture loss.
2. Encourages collagen production so it is anti-aging
3. Keeps skin plump, elastic and wrinkle-free.
4. Helps reduce scarring, spots, bruises and burns.
For hair:
1. It’s rich in fatty acids like oleic acid which makes it great for promoting healthy hair follicles.
2. There are studies which show an average of 20% more hair growth when people used emu oil on their hair and scalp.

How to Use:
Massage directly onto face and body.
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