Fig Palm Kernel Oil (250ml)

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FIG PALM KERNEL OIL is extracted from the nut, or kernel of a specie of African palm tree. It is antioxidant and rich in unsaturated fatty acids. Palm kernel oil is primarily composed of fatty triglycerides and approximately 80% saturated fats and 20% unsaturated fats. Palm kernel oil can be found in a number of products including margarine, vegetable oils, chocolates and ice cream. Palm kernel oil offers a lot of health benefits; palm kernel oil resists oxidation under high cooking temperatures and upon storage, which makes it a better alternative than other vegetable oils for commercially fried products like Doughnuts, Ramen noodles, Potato chips, and French fries. Palm kernel oil is completely free of cholesterol, which is not the case with animal base fats like butter. It is used to cure convulsion in children and can be used to reduce the effect of an epilepsy attack. It can also be used to reduce the effect of poison. It is used as both body and hair moisturizer. FIG’s palm kernel oil is packaged in a 250ml bottle.

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