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Figtree Company CEO Shares Her Skincare Recommendations for All Skin Types

We asked our CEO to recommend products in her skincare routine that would be suitable for ALL skin types. Here are her recommendations:

🌸 Figtree Pure Rose Water - The trick with Rosewater is to spray lavishly on your face, neck and hair after cleansing. Leave on and apply serums after. I do this without fail on a daily basis and I absolutely love the results I’m getting. Applying my serum immediately after (on my damp face) ensures my face is very well moisturised throughout the day. My locs love it. My skin loves it!

🍊Figtree Vitamin C Serum - this product is a natural brightening serum - when I was working on it I knew we had to make sure it was suitable for sensitive skin. It’s also hydrating to skin because it contains some Hyaluronic acid. The formula is mild but very effective. It won’t cause any inflammation. It’s been my staple for a long while and I won’t go a day without it.

🌸 Hyaluronic Acid Serum - I find it to be very moisturising for my skin. This might be bizarre but I apply this on my lips as well because my lips tend to get very dry. After applying my rose water, I intensify my moisture treatment by quickly applying this serum on my face and neck, including my lips then I follow with my Figtree Grapefruit & Peppermint lip balm for my lips. I think this should be a staple in your regular skincare routine. It’s natural, it’s effective and your skin will love the moisture.

🌸 Figtree Broad Spectrum Sunscreen - When I apply sunscreen, I make sure everything on my face including my eye lids and neck are covered. & I apply sunscreen even when I’m indoors. With sunscreen, ensure it covers your face and neck properly. Please reapply every two hours if possible.

🌸 24K Gold Brightening Face Scrub - I use this every weekend to get my skin ready for the following week. I use it once or twice a week, it really gives your skin a very natural glow, your skin feels very smooth and you can tell the difference after you’ve used it.

One important pro tip: I tend to layer in products very quickly so that everything sinks in together & I’ve found that because the products in my routine are really light, they’re easily absorbed and my skin doesn’t feel too heavy.


You can order all products mentioned above on our website or visit any of our stores (20A Emma Abimbola Cole Lekki 1. Fourteen36 Mall, Victoria Island).

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