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Mythbusting - 4 Skincare Myths and the Truth

If you’re on the journey to achieve healthier skin, you’ll agree that the internet is a great resource for guidance. However, through skin care tips on the internet, some popular myths have sprung up and taken root as fact. From wives tales to poor advertising techniques to fallacies, we are busting 3 skin care myths today, so you can care for your skin better.


Some food items e.g chocolate and groundnut can make your skin oily and cause acne


Oily skin comes from the secretion of sebum created by your skin - there is actually no evidence that specific foods have an effect on oil production.


You don’t need to use anti-ageing products until you reach a certain age.


You can start using anti-aging products at any age (typically over 21).

Instead of waiting until you see signs of ageing - it’s more important to address this skin concern before it arises.

And while there is no magic bullet anti-ageing product to make you look younger, you can address the effects of ageing on your skin, like losing hydration, skin discoloration, dark spots or dulling, and even fine lines and wrinkles with the right products


You don’t need to use moisturizer if you have oily skin.


Counterintuitively, a lack of moisture can lead to more oil production, making you appear shinier than if you skip the moisturizer. External factors like sun exposure can damage your skin’s moisture barrier, increasing oil production in your skin.

Most cleansers will strip the natural oils from your skin, so you will need to replace that protective layer. If you really want to skip steps, try an oil cleanser, like micellar water. It will leave your skin’s pH intact; therefore (for some skin types), you won’t need to apply additional product.

No matter what your skin type—oily and acne-prone or dry and dehydrated—you need to be using some kind of moisturizer to keep your skin balanced and nourished.

To keep a happy balance, we recommend not passing on the extra hydration, no matter your skin type.


Your pores grow and shrink.


Your pores actually stay the same size, however, clogged pores can have the appearance of looking larger. The myth also extends to thinking hot water or steam can open your pores or cold water can “close” them. That’s not to say steam doesn’t have other hydrating benefits, but it’s not going to change the size of your pores during your skin routine.

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